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Health Elevations Winter 2015 - Cover 150

Making Physical Fit

Colorado’s schools, too busy for physical activity, are falling behind the obesity curve.
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The Gamification of PE

Jeffco schools are among the leaders in using tech to give PE more torque. Does high-tech movement work?
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Free Pass to Fitter Kids
Denver’s rec pass program seems like a no-brainer. [Read more]


School into a Rec Center
Boulder’s high schools adopt health club approaches to activating a wider variety of students. [Read more]


Picturing the New PE
Photographer James Chance illustrates new approaches to getting school kids moving more. [Read more]

Online Exclusives

Cartoon Corner
Cartoonist Mike Keefe uses his pen to illustrate the theme of this issue of Health Elevations. Video Camera [Watch]

Visual Guide
Sometimes the best way to watch kids getting physically active is in moving pictures. So check out our Health Elevations video story on students in places like Colorado Springs District 11 using innovative climbing walls and other techniques to build their fitness levels and outdoor savvy.
Video Camera [Watch]

Walking the Talk
Policy leaders need to find a way to help Colorado schools get active, says the Colorado Health Foundation interim CEO Rahn Porter. [Read more]

A Family Voice for PE
Denver’s Limon family appreciates school help but wants even more activity for kids. [Read more]

The Balancing Act
A large-district athletic director speaks out on whether schools can handle more demands for physical activity and education. [Read more]

Mountains of Challenges
A rural Colorado school board leader, a longtime athlete herself, outlines what Delta County can and can’t do for PE. [Read more]

An Activist Military
A retired Air Force general explains why physically fit students are vital to the nation’s long-term health, at peace or at war. [Read more]

Cram Course
A statewide schools leader argues against heavy mandates that would push more physical activity at the school level. [Read more]