Alamosa County: August 2018

Hello Alamosa County, 

This past June, as part of our locally-focused work, the Colorado Health Foundation and local partners hosted several events in the Alamosa community. 

Our hope was to have a conversation with community members about what it takes to ensure that health is in reach for everyone in Alamosa County.  I am continuously impressed by Alamosa's sense of community cohesion and commend you all for the important work underway. The events gave me the opportunity to hear from a variety of voices that elevated major themes that could help everyone in your community lead a healthy life. 

Those themes included: 

  • Build upon the San Luis Valley's natural assets and maintain its rich agricultural knowledge with a mindset towards growth
  • Protect Alamosa's natural environment and beautiful public spaces, and celebrate its cultural diversity 
  • Build upon Alamosa's collective desire to strengthen and empower families and children through community organizations and institutions 
  • Maintain the soulfulness and magic of Alamosa, measured by its caring, authentic and genuine community spirit 
  • Collaborate to address the complexities of Alamosa's substance use challenges 
  • Continue to work to achieve equity by involving all community members in creating change, regardless of their background 
  • Create more job training, career advancement programming and opportunities to build local leadership  

During the series of events, we shared information about other opportunities that the Foundation and our partners are engaging in locally. One example is a partnership with KaBOOM!, which is dedicated to ensuring all kids get the childhood they deserve filled with balanced and active play. Working with the City of Alamosa, partners and community members, the first of two new kid-designed playgrounds was completed on June 30 at Lee Field Athletic Complex. On Aug. 11, the City of Alamosa, the Boys & Girls Club of the San Luis Valley and community members built the second playground at Friends Park on the south side of the city, providing a much-needed equipment upgrade to one of the city's most utilized public spaces. I want to thank all who participated for their hard work and commitment to the completion of these two playgrounds; this speaks to your dedication to the community.

I also want to thank everyone who attended an event for sharing their perspectives and valuable insights. In particular, I want to thank the Boys & Girls Club of the San Luis ValleySan Luis Valley Health, the San Luis Valley Local Foods Coalition and the City of Alamosa for helping us with planning and outreach. 

I'm committed and excited to work with all of you to make Alamosa County the healthiest it can be. This means building upon your existing strengths, supporting your willingness and commitment to working collaboratively, and ensuring that no one is left behind. 

If you would like to speak with me directly about how we can work together to make your community healthier or if you would like to learn more about the Foundation, please email me or call me directly at 303-953-3617. 


Monique Johnson