The Intersection of Housing, Health and Inequity

2019 Colorado Health Symposium Presentations and Resources

There is no doubt that Colorado—like many states throughout the U.S.—is in the midst of a housing crisis. Having a place to call home is essential in life and centers us for good health. Home is out of reach for many Coloradans, which means health is, too. Racism, lack of opportunity and discriminatory policies make safe and affordable housing unattainable. The Intersection of Housing, Health and Inequity, was designed to elevate bold solutions for putting a roof over the head of every Coloradan, while paving the path towards health equity.  Watch archived sessions from the conference here

Please note that some of our speakers do not make their presentations available for download.

Presentations and Archives:

Wednesday Sessions: Connecting Housing and Health

Thursday Sessions: Healthy Communities Start with Healthy Homes

Friday Sessions: Building Momentum Finding Common Ground and Getting Things Done

Learn How Federal Policy is Shaping Housing, Health and the Social Safety Net

Additional Resources:
Symposium Media:
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