Funding Opportunity: Healthy Living Advocacy - Long-Term Policy Initiatives

Funding Overview

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The goal of this funding opportunity is to promote or preserve policies that create social, physical and economic environments that promote health.

Grant Deadline: Not accepting applications. This work is in progress.

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Preference will be given to initiatives that focus on one of the following policy priorities:

  • Increasing children’s access to and consumption of affordable healthy foods and/or reducing access to or consumption of unhealthy foods and beverages.
  • Improving community facilities, transportation, roads, trails, sidewalks, parks and open spaces to support active living among children.

The Foundation defines health broadly and is also interested in initiatives that focus on one or more of the following policy priorities:

  • Increasing economic security
  • Increasing affordable housing
  • Increasing quality preK-12th educational opportunities and quality childcare
  • Increasing community safety
  • Increasing civic engagement

The proposed activities must be focused on driving policy change to impact systems and structures. Funding should not be used to implement a program, provide a service, or make changes to the built environment.

The proposed activities should benefit marginalized populations, including low-income earners and poor people, people of color, immigrants and refugees, disenfranchised youth, LGBTQ individuals, and people from rural communities, and communities with high rates of childhood obesity.

Applicants are expected to identify and engage stakeholders in the initiative. Applicants should demonstrate support for the proposed activities from community members and from other organizations involved in similar work.

Eligible Activities:

The Foundation will provide support to organizations to educate people and mobilize constituents around general policy issues using a wide variety of advocacy activities, including:

  • Coalition building and management
  • Grassroots organizing
  • Influencer education
  • Litigation
  • Media relations and media advocacy
  • Policy and legal analysis
  • Policymaker education
  • Public education
  • Public opinion research/polling
  • Regulatory feedback

Ineligible Activities:

  • Bridge funding (to fill a funding gap) 
  • Supporting political candidates or partisan political activities 

Associated Measurable Results:

Increase the number of individuals who are actively promoting nutrition and physical activity.

Additional Evaluation Activities:

As part of this funding opportunity, grantees are likely to be asked to engage in an evaluation study conducted by an external evaluator. The design and scope of the evaluation has not yet been determined. The Foundation will keep grantees updated as the evaluation is developed, and will inform grantees about any associated expectations for grantee engagement. It is anticipated that the evaluation will require grantees to collect some quantitative and/or qualitative data about their activities, to participate in data collection by a third party evaluator (e.g., interviews, surveys), and potentially participate in learning discussions about the evaluation findings.

We often partner with third-party evaluators, contractors and other organizations over the course of our work with applicants and grantees. Your application and its attachments may be shared with these individuals or entities during the review process and grant cycle. All third-party organizations partnering with the Foundation have signed a confidentiality agreement and will not use or share the information for purposes outside of the scope of work specific to the grant application or grant award. If you have any concerns or would like additional information, please email or call our senior director of Grantmaking Operations at 303-953-3600.