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Upcoming Events

At the Heart of the Matter Virtual Series

Join us for a series of free, virtual events with Karen McNeil-Miller, president and CEO of The Colorado Health Foundation. Throughout the series, Karen is inviting local and national leaders to discuss the impacts of long-present, systemic racism on the health of communities of color. By exploring the roots of inequity – by getting to the heart of the matter – we can consider what it will take to create a new, more equitable “normal” that can bring health in reach for all Coloradans.

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The next event “The Hate Stops Here: Addressing Anti-Asian Acts” will be held Thursday, May 20 via Zoom. Learn more and register. 


The Colorado Health Symposium

Save the date for the 2021 Colorado Health Symposium on Aug. 5 and 6. 

Past Events

Throughout the year, Karen McNeil-Miller, president and CEO of The Colorado Health Foundation, hosted a series of conversations with experts and leaders about the impacts of long-present, systemic racism on the health of communities of color, and what we all must do to spark change once and for all. This series allowed us to explore the roots of inequity – to get to the heart of the matter – so we could consider what it will take to create a new, more equitable “normal” that can bring health in reach for all Coloradans. Learn more about the "At the Heart of the Matter" series. 

2020 has been an unprecedented year. In this moment, Pulse: The Colorado Health Foundation Poll is an opportunity to listen to what Coloradans are thinking in order to get to the heart of the issues and uncover solutions. Questions explored physical and mental health, financial and economic security, racial equity and how Coloradans are experiencing life during the coronavirus pandemic – all with the goal of understanding how policy can improve the health and well-being of people across the state. We dove into all the details in the webinar briefing.

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This webinar discusses how cities, towns and counties across the state are experiencing the impacts of COVID-19, the many changes to local government budget and fiscal constraints, and how communities are recovering from economic decline. Additionally, access our 2020 Local Ballot Initiative Tracker to help you follow local policy measures that may impact your organization and community. Download the presentation slides.

This webinar discusses how the economic downturn that has accompanied the pandemic, also required deep cuts to programs and services funded by Colorado's state government during the recently completed 2020 legislative session. We the drastic changes in Colorado’s budget and what lies ahead in the coming years’ economic forecast. Download the presentation slides.

A safe, stable and affordable home is key to good health. Yet, the affordable housing crisis disrupts the lives of thousands in our state and millions more across the country every day. Without a safe, stable and affordable home, cost-burdened Coloradans must make difficult trade-offs to keep food on the table, cover necessary medical expenses or stay current on their rent or mortgage. Coloradans living in rural communities are hit particularly hard by housing barriers unique to the places they call ‘home.’

Hosted in Salida, Colorado the event featured leaders, local experts and people who’ve experienced housing insecurity in rural Colorado. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about innovations underway in Chaffee County, as well as to foster shared learning, networking and collaboration.

2019 Colorado Health Symposium - The Intersection of Housing, Health and Inequity

There is no doubt that Colorado—like many states throughout the U.S.—is in the midst of a housing crisis. Having a place to call home is essential in life and centers us for good health. Home is out of reach for many Coloradans, which means health is, too. Racism, lack of opportunity and discriminatory policies make safe and affordable housing unattainable. The Intersection of Housing, Health and Inequity, was designed to elevate bold solutions for putting a roof over the head of every Coloradan, while paving the path towards health equity.

Colorado is facing a behavioral health crisis, with far too many Coloradans—especially those living on lower incomes—lacking access to the care they need to be mentally well. In response, communities are stepping up and offering innovative and promising solutions ranging from ballot measure successes to cross-sector collaborations that forge nontraditional partnerships for sustainable and replicable change.

Hosted in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, the day featured keynote speaker and Colorado Public Radio’s Vic Vela, who shared his deeply personal story of overcoming addiction and advocating for stronger behavioral health resources for all. This event also offered a behind-the-scenes look at how local and regional solutions that stem from the community take shape to increase access to resources for those who need it the most. 

Disrupting the poverty cycle is necessary to bringing health in reach for all Coloradans. Access to quality health care, a living wage, fresh food, transportation, education and affordable housing—all fundamental to our health—are often out of reach for Coloradans struggling to make ends meet. And for those living in rural communities, poverty creates different challenges and requires unique actions to address those issues. The event, hosted in La Junta, Colorado, featured interactive panels, personal experiences, networking opportunities and a keynote presentation by renowned author and community activist, Michael Patrick MacDonald

In Colorado, we know that far too many students walk into schools every day experiencing a variety of behavioral health challenges and inequities. This Symposium Unplugged event explored what it means for educators, parents and local communities to ensure that all students have what they need to be mentally well. 

Hosted in Greeley, Colorado, the day featured keynote discussions from Dr. Nancy Lever, Co-Director of the National Center for School Mental Health, and Dr. Michael Lindsey, Executive Director of the McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research. The discussion also brought together educators, youth and other experts' voices. 

The 2018 Building Better Health Conference is the only in-person training and networking opportunity for Colorado's assisters, brokers, community based organizations, and advocates.

This statewide health coverage open enrollment kick-off and training event is hosted by Colorado Covering Kids and Families with the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing, the Colorado Division of Insurance, Connect for Health Colorado, the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative and PEAK Outreach.

The conference took place October 15 - 16, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency Aurora-Denver Conference Center.

2018 Colorado Health Symposium - Achieving Equity in Behavioral Health
Aug. 1-3

Our 2018 Symposium, Achieving Equity in Behavioral Health, focused on the complex ecosystem of behavioral health and the role that inequity plays, from prevention to recovery. From a worsening opioid epidemic to pervasive issues with access to care, Coloradans are facing tough barriers that keep health out of reach.

Poverty is the leading driver of inequity when it comes to families and children being healthy. This conversation aims to shine a light on how poverty is impacting Colorado’s overall health and well-being. Together, we can have a frank discussion on the challenges around poverty in our state, and explore innovative solutions to bring health in reach for all Coloradans.

The event, hosted in Cañon City, Colorado, featured a luncheon keynote by Michael Patrick MacDonald, author and community activist. MacDonald is the author of the New York Times bestselling memoir, "All Souls: A Family Story from Southie." After losing four of his eleven siblings and seeing his generation decimated by poverty, crime, addiction and incarceration, he learned to transform personal and community trauma, becoming a leading Boston activist, organizer and writer.

All Coloradans should have access to affordable and healthy food in their communities. The Colorado Blueprint to End Hunger is the path forward.

Advocacy is the act or process of influencing public policy. To help nonprofit organizations understand their opportunities to engage in various types of advocacy efforts and to have the tools to do so effectively, the Foundation is hosting a series of workshops that share insights into advocacy tactics that influence policy made across the executive, judicial and legislative branches of government.

Past workshops:

  • Legal Advocacy and Strategic Litigation
  • Nonprofit Organizations and Lobbying
  • Executive Branch Advocacy and the Regulatory Process 
  • Engaging Candidates for Public Office
  • Ballot Measure Campaigns

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What does being healthy mean to you and your community? Foundation President and CEO, Karen McNeil-Miller, asked this question on the recent statewide #HealthiestCO listening tour.

The 11-region tour took place between September 2015 and March 2016, visiting communities across Colorado, from the Eastern Plains to the Western Slope. The tour was an opportunity for grantees, community residents and local leaders to share their perspectives on health.

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