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What’s on the minds of Coloradans living on low income?


Late last year, we partnered with the Kaiser Family Foundation on a survey of more than 1,800 Coloradans. Through the survey, we learned a lot about what folks across the state are thinking about and worrying about – and you can see it all here.

At the Foundation, we seek to serve Coloradans living on low income, and just this year, we started to look beneath the surface of the data collected in the survey. When we looked, we discovered that Coloradans earning less than $40,000 have vastly different perspectives and experiences when compared to those with higher incomes.

When it comes to quality of life, the data show that the economy, housing and health care are top-of-mind for Coloradans who are struggling to make ends meet.

Colorado’s economic prosperity isn’t felt by all who call our state “home.”

All Coloradans are concerned about affordable housing, especially those with lower incomes.

On health care, Coloradans living on low income feel like they’re paying more for less.

The perspectives of Coloradans living on low income are instructive for those of us seeking to advance health equity through policy; they’re a reminder of all the dynamics that impact our health and quality of life – from accessing quality care at an affordable price to having financial security beyond each paycheck to our ability to keep a roof over our heads. As we advocate for policy change that will bring health in reach for all Coloradans, we’ll be using this data to educate decisionmakers in every corner of the state. We hope you’ll join us and get in touch if you have questions about how to use this data to advocate on behalf of those you serve.