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The Colorado Health Foundation’s blog is designed to share perspectives, personal stories and what we are learning in our efforts to ensure that, across Colorado, each of us can say: “We have all we need to live healthy lives.”

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At the Colorado Health Foundation, we believe policy advocacy is an important and effective tool for improving the health of Coloradans. This is because public policies enacted at the local, state and national level can have a substantial impact on the health of individuals, their families and their communities. There is much power in sharing Coloradans’ perspectives with policymakers so they, too, can recognize and act on the opportunities they have to support health across Colorado.

Our policy advocacy approach is informed by our cornerstones and commitment to serving Coloradans who are living on low income and have historically had less power or privilege. Throughout the year, we listen intently to the perspectives of those we exist to serve to


March for Our Lives.

Migrant children detained at our borders.

CHIP reauthorization.

In a year filled to the brim with news that has shaken us as a country and a culture, there are common threads to be found. In both increments and startling leaps, our youth, including kids in Colorado, have been disproportionately affected and mobilized by the political and social turbulence of these times.

From those who are most vulnerable – children of families with low income, whose health care hung in the balance for months with CHIP reauthorization – to those who have stepped forward with truly unbelievable determination and bravery after the Parkland shooting, our young people have gone from classrooms to center stage. In

Over the past two decades, the way we think about the places we live and their impact on our health has evolved. Developments in the urban planning and public health sectors have driven this evolution, along with a growing awareness of how various social and environmental factors affect health.

We now accept that where we live can matter greatly to our well-being. There are many circumstances at play that either help or hinder our attempts to live physically active and socially-engaged lifestyles. Our ZIP codes, as we’ve all heard, determine our longevity in many ways.

More and more small towns, neighborhoods and entire cities are coming together to remake themselves into places where health is a priority. The Colorado Health Foundation has

Listening is one of the most important investments the Colorado Health Foundation makes with our time and resources. It can yield tremendous value because it both broadens and deepens our understanding of how Coloradans’ really think about health. It helps us understand more about the “what” and the “why” of how issues are affecting the health of Coloradans and their families. This is especially important for those who may feel their voices are not often heard, and why listening is reflected in the Foundation’s cornerstones as an essential component of everything we do.

The more we listen, the better we understand what is bringing health closer to or further from reach, and the more important it is to share this