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The Colorado Health Foundation’s blog is designed to share perspectives, personal stories and what we are learning in our efforts to ensure that, across Colorado, each of us can say: “We have all we need to live healthy lives.”

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The holiday season is now upon us. As I reflect on 2016, I recognize all I have to be thankful for — a loving family, a wonderful home life and a very passionate and persistent Board and staff who are relentless about advancing opportunities for Coloradans to pursue good health and achieve health equity.

At our Building Better Health conference this fall, we celebrated that 93.3 percent of Coloradans had health coverage in 2015. Our state has worked hard and is setting an example on a national scale that, working together, Coloradans can have more opportunities to be their healthiest. 

Still, the election has been on the forefront of my mind. Regardless of your political views, the president-elect has left


While the mountain communities we visited two weeks ago ready for ski season opening day, we wrapped up our third leg of our #HealthiestCO regional tour by visiting nine counties across the Northern and Northeast regions of Colorado. We’ve covered a lot of ground, having toured 25 of 64 Colorado counties. President and CEO Karen McNeil-Miller has shifted from sharing how long she’s been on staff to the number of counties we’ve visited, signaling a feeling of progress in stitching together the diverse quilt that depicts the celebrations and challenges of Colorado’s health story.  We still have a long ways to go, but here is what we learned on a sunny and bright day in Northern Colorado:

In Fort Collins, we

Leaves are falling, there’s a chill in the air. For some of you, it’s your favorite time of year. No, not only for that pumpkin spice stuff, but rather what you’ve been working for all year – the big push to make sure Coloradans get – and stay – covered.

At the Foundation, we seek to ensure that all Coloradans achieve stable, affordable and adequate health coverage. This is our goal because we know that health insurance leads to better access to care and better access leads to better health outcomes. Not to mention, having health insurance can help protect you and your family from large and unexpected medical bills.

The Foundation just finished hosting our third Building Better Health

Building Better Health
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Today, during our stop in Edwards, we had a reporter join us at Colorado Mountain College. He said, “So are we going to talk about how we need to be more healthy, and that we need more affordable health coverage?” Our response was, “Yes and yes, but stick around and listen to the conversation. There is more.”

Indeed, yesterday we recapped how the new Colorado Health Foundation President and CEO Karen McNeil-Miller is tackling tour conversations by tapping into the stories behind the county-specific, health-related data. And the primary idea emerging from this tour is simple: health is everybody’s business. And, that means everybody’s in the health business together.

The reporter was right, by the way: unaffordable health insurance was