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The Colorado Health Foundation’s blog is designed to share perspectives, personal stories and what we are learning in our efforts to ensure that, across Colorado, each of us can say: “We have all we need to live healthy lives.”

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In a documentary showcasing his life’s work, Dr. Licona eloquently shares his challenging, yet rewarding, journey as a grassroots activist:

“All of this, why? ... I’ve been able to focus my efforts within the health care arena to push forth those ideals that we had of the Chicano movement of improving the living status of our population, our communities and fighting for justice, fighting for equality. Fighting for those things that we think each one of us deserves, just because we are human beings and we breathe air, we’re on this planet and we’re in this together.”

Inspired by Dr. Licona’s pioneering spirit, our new award program, the Dr. Virgilio Licona Community Health Leadership Award, seeks to honor his life

Health Equity
Board of Directors

Since I’ve been at the Foundation, I have witnessed a desire – a thirst – to be bolder in how we work to impact Colorado. We strive to achieve that impact through our organization’s guiding vision. A few weeks ago at our annual Colorado Health Symposium, I shared our bold new vision: Across Colorado, each of us can say: “We have all we need to live healthy lives.”

We realized that we could achieve our former vision of making Colorado the healthiest state, yet still leave many of our friends and neighbors behind. Our new vision is supported by our belief that health is a basic human right and that we want everyone to enjoy that right. We

Health Equity
Karen McNeil-Miller

The violence that erupted this weekend in Charlottesville, Va., paints a vivid picture of why it is time for us to speak out against the hate, injustice and inequity that is plaguing our nation, our communities and our homes.

It was just a week to the day of the conclusion of the 2017 Colorado Health Symposium where we talked about the public health inequities caused by discrimination. The spotlight is now on Charlottesville. As a nation, we witnessed unacceptable acts of hate. And in the aftermath of this violence, we must come together and use our voices to speak out against hate crimes that we refuse to turn a blind eye to.

Symposium keynote speaker Sally Kohn, a columnist and


Reporting on the 2017 Colorado Health Symposium, Michael Booth, health care and policy writer and guest blogger for the Colorado Health Foundation, summarizes insights and synthesizes the conversation about one of the most complex social issues of our time - inequity.

The 2017 Colorado Health Symposium put questions of inequity on the table. The speakers and attendees explored the complex issue and everyone was sent home with a charge to find - and take a seat at - the tables where change happens.

The reality is that many people struggle to envision the word equity, and initiating open and honest conversations about inequity can be difficult. The third day of the Symposium brought dimension and understanding to the theme by