SNAP Decisions and the SNAP Cookbook

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There are a million recipes and a hundred TV food shows for people who want to cook with truffle oil and swordfish, and have the time and the means to try it. But for the working-class American trying to stretch a dozen eggs through the end of the week when the next SNAP payment lands? Not so much.

Editor Michael Booth’s attempt at creating a shopping list for a SNAP week that balances cheap eats with nutrition was a narrow path to travel, and often impossible. Food studies graduate student Leanne Brown recognized this, and decided on a project that could help the millions of families eating on a tight budget.

She put together nutritious recipes using relatively affordable ingredients, aimed at the individual SNAP budget of about $4 a day. She added in plenty of chef-like advice about extra spices and visual touches that could fit in a budget, and packaged it with the kind of beautiful food photos you’d expect in a Martha Stewart edition. A Kickstarter campaign is helping Brown publish the work, and she offers it for free as a download at Cooks of all income levels can learn from her hard work.


This article was originally published in the Fall 2014 issue of Health Elevations.

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