Locally-focused Work

In communities across the state who are part of our locally-focused, cross-cutting efforts, the Colorado Health Foundation is making long-term commitments that are different from traditional grantmaking.

Why? Because when ideas are generated at a local level they are more likely to have staying power. They are also more likely to be reflective of the community’s needs and to be adopted and embraced by the community.

The Foundation recognizes that by partnering with communities over a longer period of time we can not only move the needle on specific health-related issues, but that we have an opportunity to build the capacity of local institutions, improve policies and systems, expand local leadership and stimulate broad civic engagement. Having a local focus will also enable us to cultivate networks that foster an enduring sense of community amongst all community members.

We are embarking on this new effort in four Colorado communities and a specific program officer has been assigned to each community. They are interested in meeting with community members to better understand their perspectives and develop a deeper understanding of the local context. You are encouraged to reach out to them – to grab a cup of coffee, ask them to join an upcoming meeting or to take a walking tour through your neighborhood. 

Do you live in one of these communities? Are you ready to transform your community with a KaBOOM! playground? Contact Sianna Simmon, community outreach coordinator, KaBOOM!

Read a blog post by Jehan Benton-Clark, portfolio director, to learn more about this body of work.

Ready to make a difference in your community?

Organizations like yours and individuals like you are the key to bringing health in reach for all Coloradans. We’re here to help you and your efforts succeed.

Questions? Read our FAQs about our updated strategy.