Maintain Healthy Bodies

American Diabetes Association (ADA) Project Power

Help slow the trajectory of childhood obesity through increased physical activity, health promotion, nutrition education and family involvement through the ADA initiative, Project Power. In partnership with five Adams 12 PEAK Learning after-school programs, ADA Project Power will provide Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH) training to PEAK Staff aides to facilitate 30 minutes per day (M-Th) of moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) during PEAK after-school program hours.

Better Together - A Healthcare Merger in Southwest Colorado

The Boards of Frontier Community Health Center (FCHC) and Axis Health System (AHS) have voted to merge the two entities into one in order to create better scale, utilization of resources and to provide the foundation for long-term sustainability in a region that is rural, remote, sparsely populated and identified as a medically underserved population.

Increasing Active Out of School Time for Lake County Youth

Offer a progressive, year-round continuum of engaging, culturally-responsive programs that connect diverse local youth to active, healthy out-of-school enrichments. Through all-day summer programs, after school clubs, and 5th Day programs all focused on human-powered outdoor recreation and skills development, GOL! helps more children and youth realize the benefits of high quality structured physical activity in OOST programs throughout the year.

Marillac Advancing Team Based Care

Revitalize commitment to Advanced Team Based Care built on shared core values by team members. Teams will be integrated, multi-disciplinary and highly collaborative -- utilizing all members to their maximum professional ability.

Collaborative Care Center in Clear Creek County

Secure the remaining funding needed to construct the Collaborative Care Center which will house public health and human services, primary care, mental health and oral health care services to meet the needs of Clear Creek and Gilpin County residents.

Bringing Exercise and Nutrition to Rural Northeastern Colorado's Low-Income Families

Engage low-income children, teens, and their families in regular physical activities in a positive, safe environment during FRC's Game Plan for Success Youth Programs in rural Colorado. In addition, improve availability of healthy food to vulnerable and under-served populations in northeastern Colorado by operating a refrigerated fresh produce unit in partnership with Food Bank of the Rockies.

Team-Based Transformation at The PIC Place

Building on the work accomplished through the change capital initiative, The PIC Place seeks to continue transforming healthcare for the underserved through highly-integrated services delivered by a collaborative staff team further developed through the technical assistance provided.