Nurture Healthy Minds

At the Foundation, we recognize the critical need to honor young people and offer spaces that support ongoing growth and development in the face of various forms of discrimination.

The Phoenix Colorado Volunteer-led Program Growth

Expand participant base through volunteer cultivation and retention, outreach efforts, and program diversification. In addition, support to train additional volunteers in remote program locations to provide peer support, conduct targeted outreach to individuals who have historically had low power and privilege, and diversify programs to include "entry point social activities.

Fostering Resilience in Early Education (FREE)

Support Family, Friend and Neighbor (FFN) caregivers to have strong and positive relationships with young children by focusing on their own wellbeing using the following strategies: 1) Self-care trainings and resources, resulting in a personalized self-care plan; 2) Social networking opportunities to increase social support; and 3) Training on curriculum strategies to foster stable, responsive relationships.

Home Visitation Programs for Friends, Family, and Neighbor (FFN) Caregivers

Work with 15 FFN providers who are caring for young children in Southwest Denver, most of whom do not currently have education and training above the GED level and do not have support to be effective first teachers with children they serve. The children served are majority English language learners, most of their parents have low educational attainment and 98% of the families are low-income as measured by being below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.

Adams County FFN Provider Support

Build the capacity of unlicensed FFN providers in Adams County and beyond in order to reach the majority of low income children who do not have access to licensed preschool with high-quality educational and HEAL opportunities.

Family, Friend and Neighbor Project

Connect with Family, Friend and Neighbor child care providers through social media, peer groups, monthly FFN playgroups, home visits and other training opportunities. Provide information about organizations and resources available to them in our communities.

Comprehensive Wellness Approach to P2P Recovery

Integrate peer to peer recovery support at the individual, business, and community levels through a Comprehensive Wellness Approach to P2P Recovery Project. Provide opportunities to build and cultivate peer to peer networks for restaurant service industry workers in three counties supported by a trauma informed care framework.

Family Friends and Neighbors Home Visiting Program- All Thrive FFN

Offer an evidence-based home visiting program (HIPPY) for refugee and immigrant Friends, Family, and Neighbor caregivers providing care to children ages 2-5 living in Denver and Aurora. Home visitors will reflect the ethnicity and language spoken in the home and provide interactive activities that build strong relationships and resources that support the caregivers unique needs.

Helping Immigrant Families Thrive through Education Initiatives

Support Integrated Community's education programs which include Early Childhood Education initiatives and Study Friends (youth tutoring). The education programs are to ensure that non/limited English speaking families have access to current resources and education so that children may enter schools at a social and academic level equal to their peers.

Peer Mentorship Program

Support for the Peer Mentorship Program which supports brain injury survivors in exploring resiliency, defining what it means to thrive, and taking steps toward positive action. This program serves brain injury survivors with mental health or substance use challenges utilizing evidence-based peer mentorship best practices.