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This resource was designed to share tools and lessons learned from a two-year, 14 clinic patient portal implementation project.

View insights from the Enhance Health Engagement Through Patient Portal Use funding opportunity.

Patient engagement is critical to providing high quality health care - and patient portals are a key tool to encourage patient engagement. Certified electronic health record (EHR) systems include patient portal modules that allow clinics to securely share selected health information with patients. When used well, a patient portal can be a powerful tool for safety-net clinics, providers and patients alike.

The Patient Portal Knowledge Center was developed to provide health clinics with key patient portal resources and tools, available for download. These resources are practical for both implementation of a new project or integration with an existing one. They include real-world examples, job descriptions, free-to-use images and posters and sample policies and procedures.

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The hardest part of any patient portal implementation is getting started or getting restarted after a stall. Getting Started provides five downloadable guides with lists of must-know information based on your role within the clinic.

At the foundation of any patient portal deployment, or redeployment, are planning and leadership. Patient Portal Planning and Leadership offers tips and practical resources on the role of leadership in portal deployment, development of an effective portal team, portal deployment strategies and portal sustainment.

Patient portal software – or third party software – is part of most certified EHR systems. Patient Portal Software and Vendors offers information on portal functionalities, as well as insights on how to manage a patient portal vendor.

Launch is just the beginning – to acheive the benefits of a patient portal, staff, providers and patients must use it effectively and securely. Deploying and Operating a Patient Portal provides lessons and resources on staffing, engagement, marketing and risk mitigation.

Patient portal deployment can be tough for those clinics that offer services beyond primary care. Portal Deployment for Varied Patient Populations provides information and resources to overcome portal deployment challenges faced by integrated care clinics, behavioral health centers and school-based health centers.

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