Alex Turnacliff

Associate Communications Officer

Alex believes in the power of communities to spark change. His career has been guided by his knowledge that a cornerstone of any strong, vibrant place is the health and wellness of its community members.

Alex was drawn to nonprofit work after college, when he was teaching abroad in China. During his several years there, he volunteered at a locally-oriented organization and saw firsthand the impact that nonprofits can have on communities. He subsequently worked for the Stanley Foundation in Iowa, focusing on international peace and security issues, and then worked as a communications manager at The Gathering Place in Denver. At the Foundation since October 2017, Alex is driven by the opportunity to strategically synthesize a local, community health focus with a broader advocacy and policy approach.

Having spent his childhood in Minnesota and Colorado, Alex loves exploring both placid lakes and towering mountains. When he’s not chasing around his young daughter, you’ll find him at one of Denver’s many city parks, streaming a documentary or volunteering – most recently, in support of Colorado’s immigrant and refugee communities.

For Alex, it all comes back to that spark: the catalyst for change that occurs when your passions, capabilities and opportunities are in alignment. And through his personal and professional life, he aims to create that spark in all areas of his life and in communities across Colorado.


BA Cultural Studies and Documentary Production – New York University

“Good health is a fundamental part of social and economic development. That’s why health equity matters.”
Alex Turnacliff