Avondine Couzelis-Hill

Program Officer

Priority Areas I Work In: 

Youth and Young Adult Resilience, Adult Recovery, Primary Care and Early Childhood Social-Emotional Development

Avondine’s approach to the charge of The Colorado Health Foundation is sourced from stories of power and resilience he both observed and lived as he was growing up. Today, he loves meeting people, sharing stories, and when available and/or needed, figuring out how to work with others to build new structures that acknowledge and honor inherent human value, respect agency and promotes holistic health. Avondine is excited to work alongside community and those inside the Foundation to support bold and impactful projects that touch and care for people’s hearts, heal their bodies, and inspire their spirit/soul.

As a program officer, Avondine sees his value stemming from his love of and belief in people, relationships and collaboration. He believes liberation and true holistic health is possible when relationships are predicated on a shared and radical commitment to valuing and caring for one another. Avondine gets to embody these values and beliefs as he works with and supports organizations that strive toward the imperative goal of health equity in Colorado.

Avondine also loves to slow down and feel into his life and the world around him. He seeks out opportunities to explore and dream about different ways of being through the reading of authors like James Baldwin, Audre Lorde and N.K. Jemisin. He enjoys working out to feel grounded in and care for his body. He also feels grounded and centered when he has the opportunity to step into Colorado and Wyoming’s rivers and streams to fly fish. Life is sweet and fullest when he’s tickling and throwing his four-year-old around the house enjoying her deep-stomached and joyous laugh – or enjoying quiet moments of intimacy with those he loves.


  • Ed. Curriculum and Instruction, University of Colorado Denver
  • BA Ethnic Studies, Colorado State University
  • Associate of Arts, Community College of Denver
“It’s an imperfect, brave, and often risky move to step out of idealistic, hidden and protected normative ways of being and into the complex light of reality where words, commitments, actions and the people they impact truly matter. I think The Colorado Health Foundation has begun to take those steps, and I want to be a part it.”
Avondine Couzelis-Hill
303-953- 3667
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