Bahlah Adejare-Sanders

Facilities, Events and Service Desk Technician

Bahlah joined the Foundation in 2011 because she wanted to help close the inequity gap in health care. She also chose to work in philanthropy for her own health reasons after experiencing burnout that sometimes comes with the corporate, for-profit world.

To remedy the burnout, Bahlah has explored the healing arts and received three certifications in that field. Her interests are wide-ranging and focus on health as a holistic state that involves the body, mind and spirit. She has studied extensively and taught Paleo Hebrew, an ancient language and alphabet.

Bahlah’s healthiest pastime is daily meditation, although she says that her job at the Foundation has been the deepest transformation of her soul’s journey so far. Her role here is evolving, and Bahlah is quick to adapt to her new, morphing responsibilities.

“Catwoman,” starring Halle Berry, is Bahlah’s all-time favorite movie because of its underlying theme of becoming a whole person. In the film, Catwoman tries to integrate all aspects of herself — the negative and the positive — and finally accepts who she is in what Bahlah describes as a beautiful blend of true womanhood.

Bahlah balances her own inner life with whimsy and laughter. She loves the hot air balloon festival in Steamboat Springs, and her greatest indulgence: fresh, fluffy, warm cotton candy on a stick.

“I’m committed to the Foundation’s mission to help the state become more equitable.”
Bahlah - 2017 Staff Photo