Camila Navarrette

Associate Communications Officer

In Camila’s career to date, she has gained a depth of experience, from dynamic digital strategy to policy research and economic justice communications. Throughout her career, a common theme holds true: Camila has an unrelenting passion for social justice and a fire for dismantling the inequities that persist across institutions.

Camila joined the Communications team in March 2020 after working for various nonprofits with education and advocacy missions. She highlights her internship with the Denver Art Museum as a catalyst for her journey towards a mission-driven career path. This experience illuminated how communities can forge meaningful connections to institutions through arts and culture – and how this relationship can foster opportunities.

At the Foundation, Camila is charged with leading digital communications, while connecting a range of online audiences to our mission and creating space for meaningful conversations. She embraces the creative process through multimedia content creation and contributes to the team’s marketing, media relations and communications efforts. Camila is committed to the Foundation’s mission because she understands -- and has seen -- how historic, racist structures persist across modern institutions. She feels that working in health equity communications requires a level of determination and self-evaluation to ensure resources meet the folks who are most impacted.

Moving to Colorado for college, Denver truly became home for Camila when she explored the city by visiting different restaurants and breweries as a contributing writer with Eater Denver. She possesses a passion for hiking, yoga and supporting local institutions. Guilty pleasures for Camila include “slightly supernatural” TV dramas, with Buffy the Vampire Slayer coming to mind as a favorite. Happiest in warm weather, Camila tries to visit her family in her hometown, Los Angeles, and in Tucson, Arizona every winter. Life is best for Camila when she’s reading a book and spending time in the sunshine with her dogs, Max and Chorizo, in Colorado's beautiful outdoors or by some water in LA. 


BA Journalism Studies and International Studies — University of Denver

"The historic forces of health inequity have lasting implications for our neighbors who are most impacted by racist systems. It makes me determined every day to do my part to ensure our neighbors most impacted by unfairness have the resources they need to be healthy."