Chandra Hartman, MD

Program Director, Rose Family Medicine Residency

Chandra is the Program Director for the Rose Family Medicine Residency, whose tagline is “Creating the Future of Family Medicine." In partnership with the Foundation, the program has graduated many competent and compassionate Family Medicine physicians over the years. More than 60% of program graduates have remained in Colorado. They’ve settled in various clinical and community settings, and have worked to improve the health and well-being of their patients and communities, directly contributing to the Foundation’s mission.

Chandra is guided by her belief that access to quality primary care is foundational to a functioning, equitable society. Her care for underserved patients and dedication to training the next generation of physicians is her way of contributing to the long arc of social justice.

The highlight of her career at the Foundation reflects these values; she developed and instituted a longitudinal curriculum focused on primary care of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) patients. Started in 2011, she presented regionally and nationally on this curriculum – now, there have been three successive graduating classes with successful completion of the three-year curriculum. Completion of the curriculum has led to improved comfort and knowledge when caring for the specific needs of the LGBT population and, specifically, in Transgender Hormone transition initiation and maintenance. This curriculum is unique in Colorado and is one of only a few curricula across the country training physicians in this important aspect of patient care.

When she’s not taking care of others, Chandra takes care of herself by biking to work and trying to get a full night’s sleep. She most enjoys spending days with her wife and dogs hiking and playing in the mountains – her favorite spots are near the Arkansas headwaters in Salida and Buena Vista.


BA Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology – University of Colorado

MD – Temple University School of Medicine

“I believe that access to quality primary care is foundational to a functioning, equitable society.”
Chandra Hartman