Holly Waugh

Investment & Accounting Officer

In work and life, Holly is driven to be part of organizations that reach for the common good. She joined the Foundation in October 2017 because she strongly believes that health and education are the keys to equal opportunity. Born in our beautiful state, she is committed to working towards equity in communities across Colorado.

In Holly’s current role, she works on our Finance, Investments and Operations teams. From the day-to-day management of scheduling to strategic support of projects, her skills – and bright personality – contribute to the teams’ productivity and goals. Prior to joining us, Holly worked for a private equity firm and, before that, at Allegro Coffee Company, where she enjoyed the unique and creative community. Her move from the world of finance to the philanthropic sector was intentional; she purposefully decided to make a career shift in order to align her personal values with her work.

In her free time, you’ll find Holly out enjoying the city, eating at one of Denver’s farm-to-table eateries, or on the road to Telluride for Blues and Brews in the fall. Her healthiest habit is taking time to recharge; her solo time includes painting, photography and reading. Her balanced approach to life includes taking advantage of opportunities to express her creativity, finding joy in discovering new restaurants and appreciating our beautiful state as much as possible – and most importantly, spending time with her devoted family and faithful community of friends.


BS Natural Resources – Colorado State University

“I strongly believe that all Coloradans deserve quality health care and a quality education. Those two things give each person an equal opportunity to thrive and succeed in life.”
Holly Waugh
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