Keri Jones

Communications Officer

A humanitarian at heart, Keri originally planned to become a nurse, but a college course in communications set her down a new career path. Five years ago, she landed in the communications, health and nonprofit sectors and feels fortunate to have bridged the three fields.

Keri has been with the Foundation since 2015 and wears many hats on the Communications team, including writer, editor, designer, planner, relationship builder, brand ambassador, creative critic, thought partner and collaborator.

In her current role as Communications Officer, Keri is charged with the development and execution of strategic communications that align with the Foundation’s mission to improve the health of Coloradans. Keri believes that creating a meaningful experience is at the core of effective communications. Through the art of storytelling, she hopes to offer people the tools they need to create positive, lasting change in their homes, neighborhoods and communities.

She feels inspired by those working to bring health in reach for all Coloradans, and views the Colorado Health Symposium as an opportunity to see this good work in action. In an Instagram post about her experience at the 2016 Symposium she wrote, "flavorful & inspiring & wholesome & musical & magical & all the good feelings."

A born and bred Coloradan, it’s not surprising Keri has a genuine love for the mountains and spending time in nature. Balance and moderation are critical to her self-care. She is happiest and healthiest when she is well-rested, well-fed and adventuring the outdoors with her dog, Rajah Roo. Keri’s motto: Embrace what ignites your soul.


BA Communications — Metropolitan State University of Denver

“Good health comes first.”
Keri Jones