Kyle Sargent

Program Officer
Priority Areas I Work In:

Affordable Housing | Children Move More | Food Access and Security | Healthy Schools

Kyle believes that health isn’t just part of life — it’s the key to a successful life. He chose to work at the Foundation as an opportunity to give back to local communities and to the state, as well as to find ways to make lasting, positive change as a grantmaker.

Kyle joined the Foundation in 2012 and has been immersed in projects that impact multiple sectors since. His work includes community collaboration, outreach and enrollment, health insurance literacy, public and private insurance systems, advocacy, data and evaluation, public health and safety net health clinics. Kyle was an integral part of the launch and continuation of the Foundation’s Building Better Health conference and counts that effort as one of the highlights of his work so far.

Kyle travels to communities to understand how we can best meet their needs through alignment with the goals of the Foundation and to learn how those community needs can inform the Foundation’s goals. Kyle’s ability to build strong relationships while also challenging the status quo translates to the development of truly innovative, effective programs.

A balance of activity, family time and reflection is what defines a healthy, successful life for Kyle. He’s lived in Colorado for 33 years and the majestic Mt. Evans is his favorite spot. Kyle enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, meditation and all of Colorado’s beautiful seasons — but especially skating on the pond in winter.


BA International Law/Public Relations — University of Denver

Master of Public Policy — University of Denver

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"I believe that health is the key to success in life and it's something that impacts every single person in the state."
Kyle Sargent - 2017 Staff Photo