Monica Beltran

Program Officer
Priority Areas I Work In:

Affordable Housing | Children Move More | Food Access and Security | Healthy Schools

Social justice is Monica’s driving force. It is woven through her life, her work and her commitment to the Foundation’s mission. As an program officer, she is as an advocate for grant applicants and a connector between the people in Colorado communities – and the work they do – and the Foundation.

Service to her community through public health is the theme of Monica’s work experience. She came to the Foundation in 2017 from CityMatCH, a national maternal and child health (MCH) organization that provides support to city and county health departments' MCH programs and leaders representing urban communities. At CityMatCH, Monica led an initiative called the Institutes for Equity in Birth Outcomes (IEBO). In 24 urban communities across the nation, she implemented a process that reviewed local data, assessed opportunities to address birth outcome inequities, strategized to authentically engage communities, selected data-informed community-driven interventions, and evaluated successes.

Originally from Colombia, Monica moved to Colorado after living in both South Florida and Nebraska. Health equity is close to her heart; as the daughter of an immigrant mother who came to this country and left her career behind, Monica feels such gratitude to be able to work in this area and ensure that every child in Colorado has the opportunity to be healthy.

Having grown up in the Andes, Monica’s move to Colorado – and to the mountains – felt like coming home. Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a favorite spot, and she also treasures time exploring with her young son. She notes that life is really good when he gets to sleep! In true form, this social justice advocate supports her own mental and emotional health by taking time each day to reflect on what she is grateful for: her family, her beautiful new home state and the opportunity she has to impact the people of Colorado.


BA International Affairs – Rollins College

MPH – University of South Florida

Graduate of the Great Plains Public Health Leadership Institute

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“Health equity is extremely close to my heart. I feel such gratitude to work towards making sure that every child of every color, background or immigration status has the opportunity to be healthy.”
Monica Beltran