Nhu-Minh Le

Program Officer

Priority Areas I Work In: 

Primary Care, Youth & Young Adult Resiliency, Early Childhood, and Adult Recovery

For over a decade, Nhu-Minh Le has worked to walk alongside colleagues, peers and community members as they build their own paths to live healthy, thriving lives. These experiences have shaped her outlook on Colorado’s public health ecosystem. She knows that access to services, supports and opportunities can be transformational. Yet, she’s acutely aware of the gaps, unheard stories and systemic failures that cause individuals, families and communities to go without every day. This realization has pushed her to deepen her work

After fleeing Vietnam and seeking refuge in California and then Colorado, Nhu-Minh has learned how to consciously navigate systems of power since childhood. She has experienced firsthand what it’s like to live in the shadows of society – with language and justice used as a weapon of oppression rather than a tool for liberation. At her center, Nhu-Minh is sharply focused on how systems of liberation can – and should – be designed as intersectional as possible.

These lived experiences have largely influenced Nhu-Minh’s ability to connect to communities with the intention of cultivating intersectional liberation – to laugh, cry, and dream together. She weaves this perspective into the fabric of all she does, including her work to bring peer-to-peer models into philanthropic spaces. In her role as program officer, she hopes to use her knowledge and experience to ensure that the societal harm and exploitation that comes from gaps in access to services, supports and resources are redesigned for the benefit of all.

Tasked with building relationships that can provide untapped resources in resilient communities, Nhu-Minh looks forward to understanding how she can amplify her current relationships with Coloradans to further health equity and racial justice.

You can catch Nhu-Minh eating fresh fruit or adding to her map of the best boba shops in Denver. In her free time, she can be found outdoors, relishing all that nature has to offer or indoors “fangirling” over the newest Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson movie.


  • MA, Criminal Justice with a concentration in Gender-based Violence, University of Colorado Denver
  • BA, International Studies, University of Colorado Denver
  • BA, Criminal Justice, minor in Sociology, University of Colorado Denver
“Though it’s fairly challenging, everything must be intersectional, we have to be able to lean into understanding the ways we converge to be in service of community. Intersectionality, human rights and social justice must be the center of everything.”
Nhu-Minh Le
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