Nick Stuber

Senior Learning & Evaluation Officer

Nick’s approach to life and work can be summed up in one word: inquisitive. He believes in the power of asking great questions to gather data – and in turn, using that data to tell stories of impact. At the Foundation since mid-2017, Nick helps to make sense of the “messiness” of what we do in order to understand and improve our work across Colorado communities.

Originally from the southern suburbs of Chicago, Nick most recently lived in St. Paul, Minnesota, and came to the Foundation after spending five years with Wilder Research. He believes that advocating for health and well-being is critically important and he is personally motivated by thinking about all of the factors that impact health. The theme of good question-asking comes through in all areas of his work. In his time here at the Foundation, he says the highlight has been interacting with a wide variety of people with diverse perspectives and great questions.

When thinking about his own health, Nick thinks broadly: You’ll find him running, biking, doing yoga or skiing whenever he has the chance. He loves to get outdoors and says that life is good when he’s with family and friends – without technology! He admits to wasting time going down the rabbit holes of the internet on Wikipedia or YouTube – not surprising given that this professional question-asker is hard-wired to seek out data and information.


BA Political Science – Beloit College

MA Public Policy – University of Minnesota

“The power of being able to use data to tell stories about specific impact is incredibly important to our work at the Foundation.”
Nick Stuber
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