Nikki Bell

Senior Manager, Facilities and IT

After working in the private sector for nearly twenty years, Nikki is excited to help improve the health and livelihood of Coloradans as she steps into the field of philanthropy.

Nikki began her career in administrative and technical support with manufacturing and e-commerce businesses. While she worked with employees across the chain of command, she engaged most with workers whose jobs paid the least. Nikki says this experience revealed how income inequality can exacerbate health inequities. It was evident to her, through conversations with colleagues, that “a lot of people aren’t included in economic prosperity.” This motivated her to pivot her career and leverage her skills for an organization working to improve the lives of people with historically less power, privilege and income.

Ultimately, Nikki’s belief that access to health care is a basic human right brought her to the Foundation in 2020. As a senior manager in the Technology and Facilities Services department, she improves the tools and systems staff use to carry out our mission. Nikki’s favorite aspect of the job is connecting with people by approaching a problem together and establishing common understanding.

In 2003, Nikki came to visit a friend in Colorado from her home state of Georgia – and never left. Though now in Westminster with her husband, three dogs, some birds and cat, she lived in the foothills for several years and still enjoys scouting trials for wildlife at nearby parks like Standley Lake. Nikki also loves visiting fall farmers’ markets, watching campy horror movies and listening to true crime podcasts. Nikki takes every day as it comes and tries to use each one to form healthy habits. 

"If your health isn’t at its best, you’re unable to pursue your dreams and ambitions to the fullest extent. I believe that health care is a basic human right."
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