Phyllis Thompson

Executive Assistant to Operations

Phyllis has worked in an executive administrative capacity for over two decades, predominately in the banking and investment industries. She joined the Foundation full-time in June 2019 as executive assistant to operations after serving in a temporary position for six months. Prior to moving to Colorado, Phyllis worked for ten years at both Intech Investment Management in West Palm Beach, Florida and U.S. Bank in St. Louis.

Phyllis expressed both excitement and gratitude for the career shift, and looks forward to approaching her work beyond the “bottom line” priorities of the corporate world. The opportunity to join in the Foundation’s efforts to positively affect the lives of so many is a highlight of Phyllis’ new career journey.

In her current role as executive assistant to operations, there is never a dull day. Phyllis works closely across a number of different teams, including Grantmaking Operations, Technology and Facilities Services, Finance and Investments, and the Executive team. She loves working for teams that carry out more of the “behind the scenes” operations within an organization. Her position requires involvement in a variety of processes, including participation in grant review, onboarding tasks that ensure all new staff feel welcome and other internal procedures that support the organization’s day-to-day workflow.

Phyllis is passionate about her faith and enjoys quiet time to rest and recharge each evening. She also loves her fruits and veggies. Phyllis’ favorite places to visit in Colorado are Red Rocks Amphitheater outside of Denver and Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. She cites the striking contrast between the beautiful red rock formations and the mountainous background in both places as the main reason she finds them so special.

For Phyllis, life is good when she focuses on bringing about her own inner peace. Her guilty pleasure is binge-watching action movies, preferably a selection from the Marvel series or a John Wick film. She aspires to lead her life in a way that achieves the virtue to “never stop smiling and always focus on being positive.”


BA in Fine Arts –  Stephens College

“This is undoubtedly the most rewarding role of my career. I am privileged and humbled to work for an organization that creates meaningful change for folks across generations.”
Phyllis Smith
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