Pilar De Jesus

Senior Communications Officer

Pilar’s impressive career took her across the state of Colorado, the US Virgin Islands and back to Puerto Rico while working for a range of advertising and public relations firms, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. Drawn by opportunities where she can directly engage with community members, especially fellow Spanish speakers, Pilar’s drive is fueled by the importance of health — instilled in her as a child of an Olympic track and field athlete.

Once she settled in Colorado, she noticed how wide the gaps in education, privilege, and health access were be between Latino and White communities across the state. While working for government agencies, including census work with the U.S. Department of Commerce and leading bilingual communications with COVID Check Colorado, she learned about the relationship between funding, accountability, and inequities. A lifelong learner, she accredits her two kids with broadening her understanding of health equity.

At The Colorado Health Foundation, Pilar came to the Communications team to create internal processes and guidelines to help streamline collaborative projects. She brings her skills to all aspects of communications work, including the transcreation – not translation – of bilingual communications to help make better connections with community members.

Health remains an essential aspect of Pilar’s life outside of work. In addition to cooking healthier versions of her favorite foods, Pilar loves to dance salsa and exercise. For Pilar, life is good when she’s being silly with her (adult) children and enjoying her granddaughter.

“I grew up in a home where good health and good food were key. Throughout my career, I’ve worked to make sure bilingual communications are included in the education and resources needed to reach a better, healthy life."
Pilar De Jesus
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