Rose Green

Program Officer
Priority Areas I Work In:

Advocacy | Community Solutions | Capacity Building | Locally-focused Work (Morgan County and East Colfax Corridor)

If there’s one phrase that describes Rose, it’s mission-driven. She’s been volunteering since she was a child, and has continued that passion into adulthood. She loves to work with nonprofits in order to help them to become more effective and impactful, and support communities as they strive to improve their health and lives. Rose is deeply committed to decreasing inequity and poverty — she believes health and education are the two most important ways to do this.

As a program officer, she helps support the Foundation’s grantmaking strategies and develops relationships with our partners at nonprofit organizations.  She is deeply committed to the Foundation’s efforts to get to know communities across Colorado better and focus on solutions at the local level.

Green is not just her last name — it also reflects some of her favorite aspects of life in Colorado. She finds calm and awe in the beautiful outdoors; she is often found biking, hiking, or gardening. She also loves to cross-stitch and practice gratitude daily. Alluding to her childhood in Denver, the Colorado Museum of Nature and Science is a nostalgic favorite of hers. Her commitment to place and curiosity about what works are core to how she does her work every day.


BA Nonprofit Organizational & Economic Development — Pomona College

Master of Nonprofit Management — Regis University

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“It’s my passion to work with communities to ensure that they can implement the solutions they know will work for them.”
Rose Green