Ryan Severts

Senior Director of Grant Making Operations

When you’re the oldest of five boys, your wife is the oldest of 11 kids, and the two of you are the proud parents of six kids, you’re accustomed to collaboration. Yep, that is Ryan’s personal life. And professionally, he has been an active collaborator at the Foundation since 2012.

Ryan chose a career in grantmaking to make a positive difference in people’s lives rather than just maximizing the bottom dollar. As a member of the Grantmaking Operations team, Ryan ensures compliance with IRS regulations as well as Foundation governing policies and bylaws. He also looks for ways to smooth the grantmaking processes for internal and external stakeholders. Ryan loves to get out in the community and mingle with our partners and those they serve. Face-to-face time brings context to the work he and his teammates do back at the office.

He has always felt connected to the Foundation’s mission to improve the health of all Coloradans. This goal is big and benevolent, yet Ryan believes it is within reach. Most things in life aren’t worth doing unless they require significant effort and sacrifice.

To Ryan, setting and achieving big goals is second nature. He has climbed more than half of the 14ers in the state, and he enjoys snowboarding and backpacking with his friends and family. Time in the mountains is good for his physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, bringing perspective to his daily life at work and at home.


BS Psychology and Business Management — Brigham Young University

MA Public Administration — University of Colorado at Denver

“Improving the health of all Coloradans is like climbing a mountain. Both require good planning, hard work, persistence and help from others. Although difficult, the view is always worth the effort.”
Ryan Severts
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