Tomas Gallegos

Program Officer
Priority Areas I Work In: 

Advocacy | Community Solutions | Capacity Building

A passionate educator, Tomas has spent a number of years on the other side of grantmaking. While he’s new to the world of philanthropy, he is no stranger to doing what it takes to inspire and facilitate social change. He spent the past few years as a principal at a school on the west side of Denver, where he worked to anchor a community that was historically marginalized and disproportionately affected by the pandemic. In watching stories of resilience and creativity unfold, he felt emboldened to move towards philanthropy in order to work with community to build and drive transformational power, and ultimately, disrupt the systems of inequity that face the most vulnerable of our community members.

His role as associate program officer requires a variety of deep skills, but at its heart, his role is about listening, learning, and responding to community. As a fifth generation Coloradan, he listens for added clarity and understanding for the types of unique contexts, culture, and lived experiences that exist within communities across the state. For Tomas, this is best captured through his English and Spanish fluency — a strength allows him to meet people in the language of their hearts.

He’s excited to see what happens when his expertise for education intersects with his passion of community power, advocacy, and transformation. Tomas believes his current position will enable him to work with community to better navigate, influence, and change the systems so all Coloradans have the power and agency to choose how they can best be healthy.

Tomas chose to work at the Foundation because he saw the unique opportunity to help shape – and shift - systems and circumstances that keep so many people in the margins. Tomas is most himself when he’s spending time with his wife, family, and community – or enjoying the breathtaking Colorado outdoors. He prioritizes any opportunity to learn and grow, especially through travel and meeting new people. If he’s not with family, odds are you can find Tomas seeking out a new coffee shop, bookstore, or concert at the Levitt Pavilion.


B.A. - English and Pre-professional Studies - University of Notre Dame

M.Ed. – University of Notre Dame

Master of Educational Administration – University of Notre Dame

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“As a 5th generation, Spanish-speaking Coloradan, I want to be able to build relationships with added clarity and understanding, supporting people where they are.”
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