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Those interested in health policy advocacy can find reliable, balanced information from the following resources:

Advocating for Impact: Workshop Series — This workshop series offers a variety of in person and webinar based trainings that provide insight into advocacy tools nonprofit organizations may use to advance their missions.

The Colorado Blueprint to End Hunger — The Colorado Blueprint to End Hunger is a multi-year plan to end hunger for all Coloradans. It was developed, with funding from the Colorado Health Foundation, by individuals and organizations from across the state who are working on or experiencing hunger in their own homes and communities.

Ballot Measures: Reflections and Lessons Learned — Colorado is one of 14 states that allow citizen-led initiatives to go directly on the ballot. In 2016, the Colorado ballot included numerous local and statewide ballot measures, which required substantial coalition-building and advocacy efforts. This report is a qualitative postmortem evaluation of the ballot measure life cycle, focusing on six case studies.

State Plans to End Hunger: An Opportunity for Colorado — This white paper summarizes efforts to mitigate hunger in other states. It summarizes the processes for developing the plans and the outcomes in Oregon, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Additionally, interviews with key advocates in two states are included for commentary on the process.  

Food Insecurity: How can we reduce hunger in Colorado? — This executive summary details the findings and recommendations of a scan of food insecurity in Colorado. It maps out the Colorado food security system and develop recommendations around gaps, potential opportunities and next steps.  

Physical Education and Colorado: A report on the state of PE across Colorado’s public school system — This report is a comprehensive attempt to determine the “State of PE in Colorado" by exploring current PE programs in school districts across Colorado, highlighting the barriers to improving quality PE and addressing inequities when they exist.

Harnessing the Power of Advocacy in Your Nonprofit Webinar Archive There are many opportunities for 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations to advance their missions by engaging in advocacy to influence public policy. In fact, advocacy can be an effective catalyst for policy changes that leverage nonprofits' program work and carve a path towards mission advancement and sustainability. This webinar,“Harnessing the Power of Advocacy in Your Nonprofit,” presented by Cara Lawrence, partner at Tierney Lawrence, LLC, guides participants through the opportunities and limitations of integrating advocacy activities into the nonprofit setting.
Download Presentation slides (Recorded Thursday, Aug. 11, 2016) 

Colorado Health Report Card — The Colorado Health Foundation publishes annual updates on the current status of health, health care and health coverage in Colorado using data provided by various sources. Produced in conjunction with the Colorado Health Institute, the Report Card provides data on 38 key health indicators in five life stages, such as prenatal care, access to health care and obesity.  

Assessing the Economic and Budgetary Impact of Medicaid Expansion in Colorado: FY 2015-16 through FY 2034-35 — This independent analysis measures the impact of Medicaid expansion on Colorado’s economy – jobs, household earnings, economic activity – and state budget. Findings reveal that in the two years since implementation, Medicaid expansion in Colorado has added 31,074 jobs, increased economic activity by $3.8 billion and raised average annual household earnings by $643. Projections out to fiscal year 2034-35 show the significant and positive effect of expansion on Colorado’s economy will continue.

ColoradoCare Legal Analysis — This objective legal analysis includes explanation of the legal mechanics of Amendment 69, a proposed November 2016 ballot initiative that would establish ColoradoCare, a new, government-operated, universal health care financing system in Colorado. The Foundation commissioned attorneys from Polsinelli to conduct an objective, third-party analysis to examine legal issues surrounding the proposed measure. The report does not consider the merits or challenges of ColoradoCare or of a single payer healthcare system more broadly. The goal of this analysis is to provide objective description of the legal mechanics of ColoradoCare to ongoing conversations around Amendment 69.

Health Care Coverage and Access for Children in Low-Income Families: Stakeholder Perspectives from California, Colorado, and Texas — This cross-state brief by Mathematica Policy Research examines health coverage and access for children in low-income families in Colorado, California and Texas. It takes an in-depth look at recent policy developments, unmet needs, along with emerging issues and opportunities.

Health Care Coverage and Access for Children in Low-Income Families: Stakeholder Perspectives from Colorado — This issue brief by Mathematica Policy Research examines the health coverage and access landscape in Colorado for children in low-income families.

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April 2, 2019 – Colorado Health Foundation opposes new requirements proposed for Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents (ABAWDs) in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)


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