Pueblo: July 2018

Hello Pueblo community members,

This May, as part of our locally-focused work, the Colorado Health Foundation and local partners hosted several events in your community. Our hope was to have a conversation with community members about what it takes to ensure that health is in reach for everyone in the city of Pueblo.

I am continuously impressed by Pueblo’s community spirit and commend you all for the important work underway. The events gave me the opportunity to hear from a variety of voices that elevated major themes that could help everyone in Pueblo live a health life. Those themes included:

  • Fostering an inclusive community spirit that equitably captures Pueblo’s diversity
  • Leveraging the city’s diversity and collaborative spirit
  • Creating better access to health care
  • Increasing access to fresh, healthy foods
  • Developing and enhancing recreational spaces to play
  • Reflecting the community’s rich culture and expanding the arts
  • Increasing the availability of affordable housing

During the series of events, we also shared information about other opportunities that the Foundation and our partners are engaging in locally. For example, we are working with KaBOOM!, who will build two new kid-designed playgrounds in the city of Pueblo with the partnership of community members.  

I want to personally thank everyone that attended each event for sharing their perspectives and valuable insights. In particular, I want to thank ProPuebloCO, the Pueblo Latino Chamber of Commerce and Pueblo Triple Aim, who helped us with planning and outreach.

I’m committed to working with you all in the endeavor to make Pueblo the healthiest it can be. This means building upon your existing strengths, your willingness and commitment to working collaboratively and ensuring that no one is left out or behind.

If you would like to speak with me directly about how we can work together to make your community healthier or if you would like to learn more about the Foundation, please contact me by email or call me directly at 303-953-3661.


Chris Smith