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Rural Health: Innovating Out of Necessity

Colorado Health Report Card Data Spotlight
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This Data Spotlight, Rural Health: Innovating Out of Necessity, focuses on rural communities and highlights barriers faced by Coloradans in their pursuit of health. It delves into solutions emerging from rural communities, featuring three innovative programs – in Antonito, Burlington and Rocky Ford – aimed at overcoming health challenges. related to poverty, unhealthy options and lack of access to health care. These creative programs offer insight on how healthy living could look in other parts of the state as well — urban regions included.


Money matters when it comes to health. Lower-income Coloradans are more likely to report poorer general health, oral health and mental health. In rural Colorado, more than 100,000 people live in poverty. 

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Unhealthy Options

Many families in rural areas have limited options when it comes to healthy living or ready access to healthy foods. Lack of exercise and poor nutrition can lead to higher rates of obesity and the associated health consequences. 

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Lack of Access to Health Care

Barriers to care are often highest for residents in rural Colorado. Residents with high health care needs, such as chronic diseases or behavioral health issues, are especially at risk. 

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Moving the Needle

The Rural Health Data Spotlight features three innovative programs in rural communities – Antonito, Burlington and Rocky Ford – aimed at overcoming health challenges.

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