be well Youth

Support wellness for youth through physical activity after school, school wellness teams in Denver and Aurora and a Youth Council that works to increase health equity. be well seeks to expand and enhance each program by increasing physical activity opportunities, supporting 6 additional schools and providing schools with social emotional learning opportunities, and increasing the reach of youth who participate in the youth council?s trainings and projects.

Fortaleza Familiar | Liberate Our Selves

Address the lack of nurturing and positive environments that elevate the emotional health and resilience of Latinx youth and their families in Commerce City through the creation of a new innovative program that uses the combination of promising protective factors for youth, existing practices of Latinx/Indigenous healing and a dedicated group of community experts.

Rising Resilient

Move school-based health centers (SBHCs) from a trauma-informed response to youth reporting Adverse Child Experiences (ACES) to innovative, strength-based, and culturally aware Healing Centered Engagement through Rising Resilient. Expand the implementation of ACEs screening to more SBHCs while providing Healing Centered Engagement resources and training along with increased youth engagement strategies to SBHCs to foster increased resiliency and positive health outcomes in the youth they serve.

AOPYO Value of Life Campaign

Support an initiative led by the Apprentice of Peace Youth Advisory Council, which was birthed out of direct response to the community needs to building courageous conversation surrounding reducing mental health stigma, violence prevention and the risk factors that affect youth and young adults from leading healthy lifestyles.

Align with Kind Initiative

PEER Kindness is focused on reducing the incidence of bullying in our schools and restoring kindness. We wish to create a safe, inclusive environment for all children.

Northwest Colorado Youth Empowerment

Empower youth by building skills, including social and emotional learning, to help them gain the necessary skills to properly advocate for themselves, others or their community.

Bilingual Case Management for Buddy Pairs

Support a bilingual case manager who will manage Big Buddies (BBs) and Little Buddies (LBs) who have been matched as Buddy Pairs (BPs), as well as youth on the waitlist. This position will also support our recruitment manager in recruiting bilingual BBs which allows us to grow capacity to serve more youth and provide more services to our community.

Make a Chess Move MACM

Expand current programming by adding four additional days per week of after-school programming, increase programming to six more schools, and add a new School Suspension-Youth Probation day program.

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