Dr. Virgilio Licona Award

The nomination application for the 2017 Dr. Virgilio Licona Community Health Leadership Award is now closed, and applications are currently under review. The final award winner will be chosen by the Colorado Health Foundation Board of Directors. The award will be presented to the recipient at the Colorado Health Symposium on Thursday, Aug. 3.

The award recipient will have the opportunity to attend the full three-day Symposium at no charge, lodging and meals included, and will also be offered the opportunity to designate a one-time $20,000 donation to support his or her work or that of a nonprofit working to improve the health of Coloradans.*

This award recognizes Coloradans who are working to implement effective solutions to community health barriers within the state. A nationally recognized advocate for social justice and the health of vulnerable populations, Dr. Licona contributed to the health of Coloradans as a physician and expert in rural health care delivery and migrant health. Dr. Licona’s role as a leader in communities brought a critical voice to some of the most important conversations and decisions related to how Coloradans can live the healthiest lives possible. 

Dr. Virgilio Licona

Nomination Eligibility:

  • Nominations are open to the public
  • Each nominating person is allowed one nomination
  • Potential candidates may be nominated by more than one person
  • No person may be self-nominated
  • No Foundation Board member, Board committee community member, staff or their immediate family members may be nominated
  • Posthumous nominations are discouraged
  • Standing elected officials will not be considered for nomination

Nomination Criteria and Guidelines:

  • Nominee must be a resident of Colorado
  • Nominee must be making an impact within Colorado communities
  • Nominee must have influenced or made a significant contribution to community health and/or public policy in Colorado towards the Foundation’s mission of improving the health of Coloradans
  • Strong nominees will exhibit the following characteristics:
    • Builds bridges among people with differing backgrounds or viewpoints
    • Achieves positive change in their community
    • Contributes to better public policies and practices in the field
    • Represents a community-based organization from any field (education, health, public safety, housing, economic development or the environment) that shows evidence of improving health outcomes in their community
    • Creates a positive impact in the delivery of rural health, migrant health and/or overall health of minority communities

Learn more about nomination criteria.

For questions, contact Keri Jones, communications officer, at 303-953-3695.

*The award donation funds may be distributed to the winner’s Colorado-based charity of choice, but “shall be used for such charities that do not enjoy substantial support through taxation.” As a result, the Colorado Health Foundation may only make a grant to a publicly-funded organization if the grant supports a specific project that does not receive most of its funding from public dollars.