Capacity Building

Focus Area: Champion Power Shifting
Picture of people putting hands together in a huddle

The Colorado Health Foundation believes in Coloradans’ ability to drive lasting change.

We envision a future in which individuals, organizations and communities have the resources they need to exercise their power and work together to advance health equity and racial justice.

Why It Matters

The Foundation’s approach to capacity building focuses on expanding and strengthening capacity across systems and communities that advance health equity and create opportunities for Coloradans of color to expand their individual and collective power and influence.

This priority includes three key objectives:

  • Leadership Development: People with less power and privilege, especially Asian American/Pacific Islanders, Black/African Americans and Latinx/Hispanics, receive tailored and equity-focused supports to strengthen and build leadership skills and connections 
  • Organizational Capacity: Organizations led by and centered on Coloradans of color, specifically Asian/Pacific Islanders, Black/African Americans, Latinx/Hispanics and Indigenous/ Native Americans, have sufficient resources and capacity to deeply focus on their missions and serve their communities
  • Community Capacity: Community members deepen connections with those who have similar and different backgrounds (e.g., racial/ethnic, socioeconomic, political, etc.), increase the sense of shared strengths and challenges, and cultivate a willingness to address common concerns or goals

How We Will Reach Our Vision

Our pathways to reaching our vision seek to influence and disrupt the capacity-building ecosystem through familiar and innovative approaches such as:

  • Championing the Collective Leadership Initiative, which prepares community leaders to be collaborative, systems-change leaders regardless of title, position or status
  • Building organizational capacity through technical assistance focused on sustainability, growth and stability
  • Providing resources in support of community activities that bridge connections, strengthen social capital and honor culture, traditions and practices


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