Affordable Housing

Focus Area: Reimagine Systems
Picture of a green housing complex

The Colorado Health Foundation believes that every Coloradan deserves high-quality, safe, affordable housing that supports their health, economic well-being and dignity.

We envision a future where fewer Coloradans pay more than 30% of their household income on housing.

Why It Matters

Public health research has shown a strong link between housing and health and categorized the main contributing factors into four categories: housing quality, affordability, location, and social and community attributes.

Economic and health impact assessments demonstrate the extensive range of health-related issues that are impacted by housing, including access to transportation and jobs, availability of nutritious foods, indoor environmental quality, access to parks and open space, and neighborhood racial and socioeconomic segregation.

Colorado, like much of the country, is in the midst of a housing crisis. Eighty-two percent of respondents to the 2023 Pulse Poll say that the cost of housing is a serious problem. Indeed, increases in the cost of housing in Colorado have outpaced income. Moreover, a legacy of discriminatory practices such as redlining and restrictive covenants have amplified the housing crisis for Coloradans of color, particularly Black Coloradans. The crisis calls for society and its representatives to rethink housing finance and development more equitably.

How We Will Reach Our Vision

Our pathway to creating a more inclusive housing market and reaching our vision includes:

  • Strategic funding of housing investments that include strong community or resident decision-making
  • Strategic support of policy initiatives and advocacy efforts that promote equitable housing opportunities
  • Strategic participation in local and national networks to expand ideas and learning on the connection between housing and health


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