Community Solutions

Focus Area: Support Community Solutions
Picture of people standing in a community garden

The Colorado Health Foundation believes communities can effectively identify and address health challenges on their own terms.

We envision a future in which communities across Colorado, particularly those that have traditionally had less power and privilege, use their own power to solve the health challenges they face.

Why It Matters

Research has consistently shown that members of communities typically have the best knowledge, cultural context and relationships to identify and solve their public health challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the need for and effectiveness of community-centered approaches to addressing health-related issues.

Too often, communities that have traditionally had less power and privilege, particularly communities of color, aren’t asked to engage in identifying and addressing the public health challenges they experience. Instead, outside organizations may implement “solutions” without intentionally involving the community they claim to serve. Because of the lack of robust community involvement and context, these solutions rarely result in sustainable, positive, long-term change.

How We Will Reach Our Vision

Our pathway to achieving a Colorado where communities have the authority, resources and power to create positive long-term change includes:

  • Strategic funding of community-driven solutions to public health challenges, including strengthening community-based organizations led by, centered on and serving communities of color
  • Strategic funding of organizations focused on shifting problem-solving power to the communities most impacted by health inequity, including communities of color
  • Strategic engagement with community-based organizations that are addressing challenges and health inequity in their own communities


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