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At the Foundation, community engagement is a cornerstone of our work. Over the last few years, we’ve worked to focus more on local communities and the health equity issues and policy actions that happen closest to home. From the Western Slope to the Eastern Plains – and everywhere in between – each community has unique strengths and resources. Understanding these nuances means developing a better understanding of local city councils and county commissions. It means talking with community leaders and advocates and working to elevate voices and important issues that may put good health and well-being closer in reach for the people of our state.

That also means sharing our understanding of “down-ballot” policy issues heading to voters each year. Policy issues that, whether approved by the community or not, will ultimately have a lasting impact on you and your community’s well-being.

View our 2022 Local Ballot Measure Tracker below. Our tracker will be automatically updated as new measures are proposed, along with the final results from this year's elections. Previous year’s trackers and other ballot measure resources are also available to view toward the end of this page. Make sure to bookmark this page so you can come back to it as a reference.

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Local Ballot Measure Tracker

The 2022 Local Ballot Measure Tracker is a one-stop-shop compilation of municipal and county ballot initiatives from across Colorado for the 2022 election on Tues., Nov. 8. The Colorado Health Foundation, in partnership with CRL Associates, has created this tracker for the third year in a row to create greater visibility into critical policy decisions being made by voters at the local level this fall. 

This tracker is available to all and may be shared widely. It can be used to better understand your municipality or county’s local ballot measures or track similar issues pending before voters in other cities, towns and counties. Whether you are part of a large statewide association, a small, community-based organization, or work on your own, this tracker will help fill a critical knowledge gap for policy and advocacy activities happening across our state. This tracker will automatically be updated as new measures are proposed.

Please note: The Foundation provides this tracker for educational and informational purposes only. The Foundation is prohibited from engaging in direct lobbying activities and does not take positions in support or opposition to any state or local ballot measure.

Previous Years' Trackers

2021 Local Ballot Tracker

Tracker not working? View it in Google Sheets here.


2021 Colorado School Finance Project Tracker

The Colorado School Finance Project (CSFP) is a non-profit nonpartisan organization working to compile, collect, and distribute research-based, information and data on topics related to school finance and policy analysis for state and local policymakers. In 2010, CSFP began collecting information on local school district elections, including all Bond, Mill Levy Override, and BEST Matching questions. CSFP will actively watch the results and update as results are finalized. This completed process is ongoing until election results are certified. 


Tracker not working? View it in Google Sheets here.

2020 Local Ballot Tracker

Tracker not working? View it in Google Sheets here.

2020 Colorado School Finance Project Election Tracker

Tracker not working? View it in Google Sheets here.

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