Funding Opportunities

We understand many of our grantees, partners and other organizations across the state are affected by and responding to the pandemic. Please take a look at our FAQs for grantees and view other resources to learn more and find emergency funding.

The Groundwork for Funding

To ensure we are bringing health in reach for all Coloradans in communities across our state, the Foundation funds impactful work – including promising programs or projects, innovative ideas and policy advocacy – that aligns with our focus areas and cross-cutting efforts.

We fund programs and projects that reflect our three cornerstones, which outline who we serve, how our work is informed and our intent to create health equity.

To be considered for funding, applicants must meet specific criteria, outlined in the options below. You can also view our funding calendar for a list of available funding. If you would like to see what the application looks like ahead of applying, review the sample standard application and rapid response application. Please contact a program officer if you have questions.

Funding Available for February 2021

PLEASE NOTE: Applications submitted in advance of grant deadlines (Feb. 15, June 15 and Oct. 15) will not be reviewed until after the grant deadline has passed.

Nurture Healthy Minds

Champion Health Equity 

Before applying for funding, we encourage you to connect with your program officer (find them under “Philanthropy”) or if you’re unsure who yours is. We also ask that all applicants sign up for our grants portal to confirm registration is complete at least a week in advance of submitting a grant application.

Funding Available for June 2021

PLEASE NOTE: Applications submitted in advance of grant deadlines (Feb. 15, June 15 and Oct. 15) will not be reviewed until after the grant deadline has passed.

Nurture Healthy Minds

Strengthen Community Health

Champion Health Equity

Funding Types

The Foundation make grants through our funding opportunities, responsive grants program and rapid response funding. Our grant funding is designed to offer flexibility to applicants seeking funding to support the work of their organization. Applications for our funding opportunities and responsive grant program are open for each grant deadline – Feb. 15, June 15 and Oct. 15 – while applications for rapid response funding are accepted on a rolling basis. Learn more about our funding types and our open funding.

Learn More:

Our funding opportunities focus on specific needs aligned with a particular priority within our focus areas. These vary for each funding deadline (Feb. 15, June 15 and Oct. 15). Applicants will be required to address detailed criteria specific to that funding opportunity. Grant funding is highly competitive within the pool of applicants for each individual funding opportunity.

Our responsive grants program is dedicated to giving communities an opportunity to shift the way they address long-standing community needs through innovative solutions, ambitious expansion of successful programs or the adaptation and deployment of approaches backed by credible evidence of impact. Within the priorities that we have outlined, the responsive grants program gives applicants the opportunity to define the problem they want to address, propose solutions and show us their vision of what success would ultimately look like for the people they serve. Learn more.

Our rapid response funding supports short-term advocacy initiatives. There is no deadline for rapid response grants. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Learn more

Have questions? We’re here to talk through your ideas and encourage you to connect with us before applying for funding. If you don’t already work with a program officer, please reach out to us by email or by phone at 303-953-3600, and be sure to note the county you work in and area of interest.