Vendor Diversity Registry

The Colorado Health Foundation is committed to achieving health equity across our state by ensuring people have what they need to be healthy and addressing the root cause of inequity through racial justice. As part of that effort, we're focused on increasing the voice, representation and resources of underserved and disadvantaged groups that have historically held less power and privilege. That includes making purchasing and contracting decisions that reflect our mission and core values, and providing opportunities for diverse and underrepresented groups when selecting vendors and service providers.

To do so, we would like to learn more about the diversity within your organization at the ownership, executive/leadership and staff levels. Please provide demographic information below related to: race/ethnicity, gender identification, sexual orientation, disability and veteran status. Each section that requires data indicates the form of data (Y/N, %s, check box indicating primary representation). If your organization does not collect this type of information, you can indicate that on the form. If you are not the correct person to complete this survey, please send this link to someone in your organization that is able to do so.

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