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Colorado Health Foundation’s Chief Financial and Administrative Officer to Retire

DENVER, CO – The Colorado Health Foundation today announced the upcoming retirement of its Chief Financial and Administrative Officer Rahn Porter.

An accomplished financial executive with more than 30 years of experience, Porter has led multiple departments at the Foundation: Finance and Investments, Graduate Medical Education, Grantmaking Operations, Human Resources, as well as Technology and Facilities Services.

Rahn Porter - 2017 Staff Photo

Since starting with the Foundation in 2013, Porter has served as an integral executive and organizational leader to the Foundation, its Board and staff. His understanding of and attention to organizational culture, systems, stewardship and supporting and developing staff have left a tremendous mark on the Foundation and its legacy – far beyond his official duties.

“There are no words to express how tremendously valued and beloved Rahn is to us,” said President and CEO Karen McNeil-Miller. “He has been by our side as a steady guide, helping the Foundation to be successful since the day he walked in our doors. In addition to being a brilliant CFO and administrative leader – he is a critical eye and voice, a true and hardworking thought partner, a trusted expert and people advocate, a champion for diversity and equity, and a purely goodhearted and kind soul whom we are all so very lucky to have in our lives.” Karen added, “Rahn will be more than missed. And now, Rahn can reap the fruits of his labor through a well-deserved retirement filled with quality family time.”

Among his many valued accomplishments, Rahn achieved the following key efforts:

  • Served as Interim President and CEO from 2014 to 2015 after a decade of leadership by prior CEO Anne Warhover and prior to Karen McNeil-Miller joining the staff. During this time, Rahn’s change management approach ensured steady leadership for the Foundation staff, Board and its core stewardship responsibilities as a grantmaker.
  • Led the successful transition of the Foundation’s Graduate Medical Education programs.
  • Championed the Foundation’s efforts to integrate diversity, equity and inclusion into its investment function. In this spirit, he has also ensured a continuous focus on ensuring staff experience fair, equitable and inclusive policies, benefits and culture.
  • Supervised the successful endeavor to build the Foundation’s headquarters office in Uptown Denver. The building was recently named the first U.S. project to be awarded both WELL and LEEDv4 certifications at the gold level.

As part of succession planning, the Foundation is already seeking interested applicants.

Rahn has been happily married for 42 years. He has four children and several grandchildren, and will continue to reside in Colorado.

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