16CHS Flobots

ACTION Makes a Movement.

Wow, thanks to those who joined us for the Colorado Health Symposium last month. I hope all who attended or participated online were as inspired and emboldened to act as I was. Throughout the conference, we were reminded that we all have a role to play in community health, no matter who we are or what we do. And now, we are ready to turn ideas into action and actions into a movement. Information does not make a movement…ACTION makes a movement.

In case you missed it, I shared my thoughts about starting a movement to make sure every person and every entity believes and acts as if they have a role in creating health in their communities. Beginning with the statewide tour and continuing through the Symposium, we have expanded our thinking of how we define health and health care. The speakers helped get the point across that health IS everyone’s business and reminded us to use our voice for health equity, social justice and community engagement. More importantly, they reminded us how critical it is that we seek out the voices of others. Watch me as I use my voice by rapping on stage with the Flobots (I will be happy if you choose not to watch it, but my communications team insisted I include it!)

You can’t have action in a community unless there is first understanding and awareness. How do we bring forth awareness about issues that are beyond data and put context into our own lives? Listen to my closing remarks (courtesy of that pesky communications team again) as I share context and remind everyone to act as if health is their business.

I’m brimming full of gratitude and optimism for the opportunities ahead. Catch all of the speakers again here

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