16CHS Breakout Session

Join us for the 2016 Colorado Health Symposium

July 2016

Next week is a big one for me. My staff and I are hosting the annual Colorado Health Symposium and it will be my first time experiencing this event. I’m looking forward to meeting and talking with those attending in person, but there are many other Colorado residents who won’t be in the Keystone Conference Center with us, which is why we are hosting a live stream for much of the event. If you won’t be with us in Keystone, make sure to join the conversation by watching the morning and keynote speakers online.

This event is a key moment during the year when we get to hear from and engage with people and organizations devoted to making Coloradans healthier. Every year, Foundation staff try to design an experience that promotes and provokes conversations and ideas. This year, we hope is no different.

During our recent #HealthiestCO Statewide Listening Tour, we heard from community members throughout Colorado who personified and amplified an idea we talk about every day: that health is everyone’s business. We all have a role to play, no matter who we are or what we do.

This year’s Symposium line-up will drive the message home that health should be priority one. It will look at the heart of the matter: to better understand how communities, families and our children can prosper, thrive and live life best. We will explore how creating and exercising community can catapult a neighborhood, town, city, county and state to better health.

We know that health happens in the community. The places we live, learn, work and play are gateways to health. We intend to explore how our youngest can change the trajectory of their health and well-being – and how it connects to social barriers, economics, education and geographic location. You’ll hear from speakers who represent these drivers of health, who have succeeded in galvanizing and acting on community and public will, and others who will share personal stories and experiences – from growing up in poverty to living with addiction.

I encourage you to take your conversations and engagement to the next level this year. Join us in person or in the online discussion and help us remind your community that health is everyone’s business.    

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