Inside Colorado State Legislature - Senate Chamber

Colorado’s Policymaking Processes: State Legislature

Summary of Conversations With Current and Former Legislators, Legislative Staff and Lobbyists
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Cover page: CO Policymaking Processes: State Legislature

We recognize that in order to develop a robust, nuanced understanding of the strengths and challenges of how state government institutions make policy decisions, it's vital to hear the perspectives of those on the “inside” of the system itself. To that end, between October and December 2022, CHF policy staff conducted a round of interviews focusing on how Colorado’s state legislature operates. We spoke with 19 current and former legislators, current and former legislative staff, and current and former lobbyists to listen to their experiences.

The issues and suggestions raised in this report range from more immediately implementable process and procedural alterations, to longer-term structural and/or Constitutional changes – such as changes to the legislative calendar, term limits, and legislator and staff pay scales. Advocates from around the state and CHF staff are ready to work with members of the Colorado General Assembly to advance meaningful reforms in service of all Coloradans.

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