Jace Woodrum

Senior Officer of Public Opinion Insights

A natural communicator, Jace’s career has been shaped by a love of writing and a desire to advance policies that improve the health–and lives– of everyday people. An advocate with over 15 years of experience in creating social change, Jace is a skilled strategist who has worked on issues like marriage equality, nondiscrimination laws, and environmental conservation before coming to The Foundation in 2018. 

Jace’s role at the Foundation centers on public opinion research, including creating and testing messaging strategies that build support for health equity policies, including affordable housing, health care access, and fair taxation. An essential aspect of his role is to work with advocates across the state to find approaches and build support for policies that bring health in reach for more Coloradans. Fundamentally an optimist, Jace believes that people can change their minds—if we’re willing to consider what they need to hear more than what we need to say.

Jace has lived in Colorado since 2010 and calls Historic Westminster home. In the summer, he loves boating in the state’s lakes and cheering on the Rockies, baseball’s perpetual underdogs. During the winter, his South Carolina blood keeps him inside and snuggled up for movie watching with his wife and three kids.


BA in English – University of South Carolina

"I believe we all deserve the opportunity to pursue health, but there are unnecessary barriers – income, race, gender identity, sexual orientation – that exist for far too many Coloradans. At the Foundation, we’re committed to breaking down all the barriers that keep Coloradans from thriving."
Jace Woodrum headshot
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