At the Heart of the Matter: The Right Relationship with Change

At the Heart of the Matter: The Right Relationship with Change

adrienne marie brown joined Karen McNeil-Miller, our president and CEO, for an in-depth conversation on how we can collectively use the natural world as a model for moving through and shaping transformative change. This event included a special live performance by Lolita.

Watch a full recording of the conversation in English. You can reference the chat here, and watch other events in the series here. 

Short on time and looking for the highlights? Check out:

  • “All that you touch, you change. All that you change changes you. The only lasting truth is change.” Octavia E. Butler (Time stamp: 5:55)  
  • Radical imagination: The systems we are living in were once imagined by someone, so we can imagine new systems together (Time stamp: 7:32)
  • Patterns in nature as a way to think about change (Time stamp:15:17)
  • Emergent strategy: Lesson from fractals on how small change affects the whole (Time stamp: 26:10)
  • Reimagining boundaries and consequences in relationship with ourselves, others and organizations (Time stamp: 30:50)
  • How can we adapt to overcome and redirect racist systems?  (Time stamp: 35:33) 
  • Developing an embodiment practice to grow capacity for moving through reaction to adaptation (Time stamp: 36:41)
  • Building a better world through generative conflict (Time stamp: 46:49)
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