At the Heart of the Matter: People + Power = Possibility

Thank you for joining us for At the Heart of the Matter: People + Power = Possibility! The virtual event, held on Feb 23, 2023, featured a special performance by artist, educator and activist Kerrie Joy, as well as a virtual conversation between Eric Liu, CEO of Citizen University, and Karen McNeil-Miller, president and CEO of The Colorado Health Foundation. Eric and Karen explored how individuals can tenaciously use power to demolish systems that create and maintain inequities.

Watch a full recording of the conversation in English or Spanish. You can also reference the chat and watch other events in the At the Heart of the Matter series here.

Short on time and looking for the highlights? Check out:

  • Kerrie Joy delivers her poem, “What do you Dream” (time stamp 00:15:20)
  • Eric Liu and Karen begin their discussion (time stamp 00:24:40)
  • Eric and Karen discuss power literacy (time stamp 00:43:10)
  • Eric and Karen discuss activating power in communities (time stamp 00:52:47)
  • Eric and Karen discuss calling people in (time stamp 01:25:50)
Disponible en Español
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