How we Work

Funding Critical Work


To ensure Coloradans across our state can achieve better health outcomes, the Colorado Health Foundation supports impactful work, ideas and policy in communities and across our focus areas.

Evaluating Our Impact

Evaluation & Learning

Learning and evaluation is a way to inform and improve our work and help others understand our approaches and the difference we’re making as a Foundation.

Advancing Goals Through Policy Advocacy

Policy Advocacy

In order to help all Coloradans live their healthiest lives, we work closely with partners across the state to advance our critical policy advocacy goals across all areas of focus.

How We Work to Achieve Health Equity

At the Foundation, we believe that keeping equity at the heart of our work will lead us to better health.

Having health equity is about having all we need to live healthy lives. And, every person has different needs than the next. That’s how we define it in our vision and how we think about what achieving equity will take.