Building Better Health: Maria's Story

Maria BBH

Now that Adams county has made a good dent in the number of people without health insurance or health care, Maria Zubia is fired up to make the dent even bigger.

Zubia’s goals for the next year are to coordinate with other help agencies so that everyone is not wasting time doing the same outreach at the same time.

Zubia’s Kids First Health finds those without insurance through its four school-based health clinics and two community clinics. Some of her funding for coverage guides comes through the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and some comes through Connect for Health Colorado.

She’s still learning how people hear about the Affordable Care Act. Some of their Spanish-speaking clients expect something as important as health care to be discussed more privately and formally than in a retail setting.

“How do they trust somebody sitting at a table at a grocery store on something so important?”

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